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Entering pledge payments using IOM

Hello!  We're looking to move our bi-monthly payroll deductions from a tedious, manual batch process to IOM.  Is anyone currently importing pay-cash gift types through Omatic?  Any tips or advice you can offer?  Most of our payroll deductions are pledges = pay-cash but we do have a few recurring gifts.  Thank you!

Yes, this was the very reason we purchased IOM 6+ years ago. We take the report that Payroll sends to us every 2 weeks, we use vLookup to tie the deductions back to the pledges (or recurring gifts) set up in RE (gift ID). And we import the payments that way. I think Omatic does a LOT of this, so I'm sure they'd be happy to work with you to get it set up.  (Note: We are a large healthcare system, so we have over 4,000 employees who are deducting.)

Our import file has a column with a unique # for each recurring gift setup.  We use a dictionary to match to existing Gift Import IDs. I've used other files that don't have a setup # and I use the Donor ID # to match to the Gift Import ID.

We have a separate layout for new recurring gift, where we import the setup # as the Gift Import ID.

In both cases I've noticed that sometimes the donor name (in the import file) changes from one member of a couple to the other member. If you prefer that spouses have their own records this can cause confusion when matching donors to the recurring gifts. (This shouldn't happen with Payroll Deductions but you never know. Is there a chance that HR will "move" a payroll deduction from one married staff member to another?)

We do this also.  I have the employee # set up in Raiser's Edge as an alias.

I import the new recurring gifts each pay period. Then I do an export of all the recurring gifts with the gift import ID. Then I use that file to import the recurring gifts pay cash.It's a few steps but it works.

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