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Membership Renewal Schedule


I am in the process of creating an import where I set up a new Recurring Gift Direct Debit and link this to a membership.

I can do this fine, however I can not see anything within ImportOmatic to add the 'Membership Renewal Schedule' on the Recurring Gift. (See attached)

Is this function available? Or am I completely missing something. We need this to be filled out so the memberships will roll forward when they renew the following year

Thank you

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As I've worked with this, the Membership Renewal Schedule is set up when creating the membership (the actual membership record, not each individual's membership). I've only worked with annual memberships, so the renewal schedule is always just annual and so applying the recurring gift to the membership doesn't require adjusting the renewal schedule in any way.

To apply recurring gifts, "the renewal schedule for a membership category must match a recurring gift schedule. For example, a membership category renewal schedule that is once per year matches a recurring gift payment schedule that is once per year. Memberships on a weekly or daily renew schedule are not supported for automatic renewal. Lifetime memberships are also not supported."

I could be missing part of what you're asking, so if you have a screen shot of a schedule that you've set-up outside of ImportOmatic, that would be helpful. 

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