Omatic Cloud Updates - August 19, 2020


  • Widened the drop-down field list in the Data Mapping screen to make it easier to read long field descriptions


Data Grids

  • Fixed issue where the Data Differences screen would not display properly on formulas containing more than one mapped email field



  • Added seven new formulas! 
    • Salesforce Report to Classy Offline Gifts
    • Salesforce Report to Luminate Online Offline Gifts
    • Luminate Online Calendar Event Attendees to Salesforce
    • Luminate Online Organization Gifts to Salesforce Accounts + Opportunities
    • Flat File to Salesforce Accounts + Opportunities
    • Mailchimp Subscribers to Salesforce
    • Mailchimp Unsubscribers to Salesforce
  • Added the ability to refresh your Object List on Any Object formulas, to reflect changes in Salesforce
  • Added Payment object to Opportunity-related formulas.
    Note: if you configured Salesforce to automatically create payments, mapping to the Payment object will currently create an additional payment containing the mapped details.
  • Enabled synchronous matching on formulas sending data to Luminate Online, alleviating the need to load a matching database prior to using formulas


Blackbaud CRM

  • Added ability to map Classy Team Captain ID to Primary Contact field on a BBCRM group
  • Added ability to map multiple recognitions from peer-to-peer systems, such as Classy
  • The Designation field will be hidden when mapping recognition credits to prevent confusion, since it will be the same as the incoming payment.
  • Fixed an issue where GL account distributions were not populating for revenue in BBCRM
  • Updated the ability to handle credit card expiration dates when passed into BBCRM.
    Note:  The destination field can now handle the following formats, and will display in BBCRM as M/YYYY or MM/YYYY
    • MMYY ex: 0121 
    • MMYYYY ex: 012021
    • M/YY ex: 1/21
    • MM/YY ex: 01/21
    • MM/YYYY ex: 01/2021
    • M/YYYY ex: 1/2021


Luminate Online

  • Expanded integration with Salesforce (see above)



  • Added ability to include Team Captain data fields to Transactions coming from Classy (see above)


Constant Contact

  • Failed connection attempts will now inform you if the Constant Contact username has insufficient privileges



  • Added integration to Salesforce (see above)