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regular expression/dictionary



Can someone help me with building a regular expression/dictionary for following: I want to import the actions if the action type from the file is not blank and if so I want to add the action date, action type & canvasser based on the action type from the file.

I have used the following to map the virtual field



*AC contains name of the action type

If the action type is blank, ignore adding an action


If action type is not blank and one of the values match then add the cos id as canvasser



I am getting an error

Required Field Missing: Records Id [Object: 'CActionSolicitor', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Desc: '', Field: 'Records Id', Value: '']





Can you try putting the solicitor's Import ID in the dictionary instead of the Constituent ID and see if it gives an error? 

Hi Barbara,

I am using the solicitor's constituent id if the action type from the file is not blank.



Do you have the solicitor's constituent ID or Import ID? It needs to be the latter

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