Omatic Cloud Updates - September 2, 2020

September 2 , 2020


  • Updated wizard to prevent accidentally changing the formula type while editing the formula name

Data Queue

  •  Fixed issue where Formulas displayed in the wrong order until refreshing the page

Data Grids

  • Added "Reprocess All" button in Formula Exceptions
  • Fixed issue where the best match was not auto-picked if a transformation was applied to matching criteria fields, like First Name


  • Added validation when selecting a query to import from Altru, to confirm a sort order field has been applied


  • Added integration with Emma - bidirectionally sync information about your Contacts and Campaigns!
  • Emma Members to Salesforce
  • Emma Subscribers to Salesforce
  • Emma Unsubscribers to Salesforce
  • Emma Email Campaign Activity to Salesforce
  • Salesforce Contacts to Emma
  • Added two more formula types to Mailchimp integration:
    • Mailchimp Campaign Activity - update Contacts and related objects based on the Mailchimp member's interactions with your messages
    • Salesforce Contacts to Mailchimp - use a Salesforce Campaign to add and update Mailchimp Audience members
  • Fixed issue where attempting to match records by ID numbers would trigger an exception
  • Fixed issue where renaming objects could remove them from existing Formulas' Field Mapping
  • Fixed issue where Accounts were not properly associated with Opportunities added using "Any Object" formulas
  • Fixed issue where some Object List were not displaying all possible objects

Blackbaud CRM

  • Added a new formula type to support pre-loading Peer-to-Peer teams and their members, prior to adding Revenue:
    • Groups and Group Members
  • Added two new options to several child object groupings for nuanced control over:
    • 'Add if not matched?' Note: If set to true, an unmatched record will be added as new.  If set to false, the data will be discarded.
    • 'Edit if matched?'Note: If set to true, it will apply edits to matched record.  If set to false, edits will be discarded.
  • Update the field display order on the Data Mapping screen for clarity
  • Fixed an issue where records with multiple addresses in the same file would trigger an exception: Error on DataFormSave: Please enter a valid 'Set as primary address'.
  • Fixed an issue where a birth date formatted as MM/DD would trigger an exception: Error on DataFormSave: Please enter a valid Birthdate.
  • Streamlined the workflow and improved the user experience on formulas when sending data to Blackbaud CRM.

Luminate Online

  • Updated the settings on Luminate Online Constituent formulas to allow users to enter specific Group IDs manually, rather than scrolling through unwieldy lists.  The setting will also validate that the Group IDs are accurate.
  • Fixed issue where Matching ignored fields whose names contained underscores (ex: Altru_Record_ID)


  • Updated matching to include 'cleaned' records 


  • Ensured support of Classy Pay Transactions
  • Offline Transaction Formulas will now check to make sure required fields are mapped