Omatic Cloud Updates - September 16, 2020

Data Grids

  • Added  button to view more information about matching records, directly in their systems.  This button will be available across all data grids, as long as the data source supports it.


  • Added new formula: Salesforce Reports to Luminate TeamRaiser Offline Donations
  • Enabled synchronous matching on formulas sending Contact data to Salesforce, alleviating the need to load a matching database prior to using formulas. To start using this feature, please contact Omatic Support.
  • Added ability to use synchronous matching on individual formulas, just formulas for a specific datasource, or across all formulas within your instance of Omatic Cloud.  To adjust these settings, please contact Omatic Support.
  • Fixed issue where Child Object matching rules were not updating when a match field was added or removed from Field Mapping
  • Fixed issue where attempting to match Accounts by email address when no email address was present triggered an exception.  Now it will be treated as a "New Record," like Contacts are.
  • Fixed issue where Field Mapping examples were sometimes unlimited, causing slow performance on that page
  • Fixed issue where Accounts were not being associated with Opportunities on some formulas
  • Fixed issue where some Salesforce Reports were not available for selection in formula settings

Blackbaud CRM

  • Added option to 'Dismiss' data source error messages. Once the underlying error has been resolved, and the formula is set for continual execution, it should begin running again. If the underlying issue is not resolved, the error will reappear.
  • Fixed issue where Luminate Online transaction timestamps displayed all zeros
  • Fixed issue where auto-pick criteria were not working properly for Organization records. Auto-pick now inspects source and processed data when searching matched fields.


  • Fixed issue where Campaign Activities where some email activities from outside of the selected date range were being retrieved