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Ability to ignore a record

When pulling data into SF there are times when a user wants to ignore or skip a record and not pull it into SF. Use case for this is a list of contacts or oppts with a field value that indicates they are not valid or at the level required for adding to the SOR.

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Hi John, 

Thanks for the idea!  

We'd love to hear from more users, because I think this is an idea that could benefit a lot of different scenarios.  I've added some questions below, and please reply if you're interested!

- What is the use case your organization has to need to omit some records?

- Do you find that a single field/qualifier is enough or do you usually consider a few factors together before wanting to skip a record?

- What would you expect to happen with that record? Drop it into a separate bucket from "good" records?  Discard entirely?  Something else?

- Do you need a historical record of which records were removed from the process?  How far back do you need to track this information?

Amanda Tetanich

Senior Product Manager | Omatic

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