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Ability to map to an Emma group

The current behavior for mapping an inbound constituent to a group in Emma creates one row per Emma group on the mapping page and you set a defined value of "true" for the group you want to map to. This is problematic when you have a large number of groups (thousands) as the page becomes very long.

A better solution would be to have a row in the mapping table for "Group" with the ability to either define a group name or map to an incoming CRM field. The latter would also enable you to reduce the number of CRM queries needed by using a query output field for the group name, enabling a single CRM query to manage multiple Emma groups.

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Matt, thank you for submitting this idea for Omatic Cloud! I'm writing to let you know we've implemented this idea as of this week. 

When mapping fields, you will now see three new sections:

  • Contact / Preferences: we've isolated the current method of mapping (by individual groups and subscriptions), so that users can continue to map fields the same way they have. This is ideal for small numbers of groups and subscriptions.
  • Contact / Add Group: this new section allows users to map groups in a more generic manner. For example, you could have an attribute category of 'Emma Groups' and a value of 'November Group'. When mapping to this field in your Omatic Cloud formula, you'll want to map the Group to the attribute value for that category. The Status field indicates whether the individual will be added to the group (value of 'yes') or removed from the group (value of 'no').
  • Contact / Add Subscription: works in a similar manner to the section above, with the exception of a Status field. Through this section, you'll add individuals to subscriptions in Emma.

We appreciate your input and please reach out if you have questions. 

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