Omatic Cloud Updates - September 29 through October 5, 2020

The following improvements were made in Omatic Cloud between September 29 and October 5, 2020: 


  • Added the ability to cancel a new formula during the first step of creating a new formula

  • Removed 'Child Object Matching' options in filed object grouping where 'Always add new' is the only available option

Data Grids

  • Fixed issue where Ready records would briefly appear on screen, but then hide until you refreshed the page
  • Removed duplicated calendar icon in the 'Run Once' option on the Integrations/Formulas page


  • Fixed issue where the Integrations/Formulas page wouldn't load properly if you deleted a formula that was promoted from Sandbox to Production
  • Fixed issue where adding more than one child object of the same type (ex: GAU Allocations) could trigger exceptions
  • Added ability to map to the following objects when using an Any Contact Object formula:
    • General Accounting Unit
    • General Accounting Unit Allocation
    • Campaign
  • Added the "ID (match only)" field to the following objects, to enable matching by ID:
    • Campaign
    • Campaign Member
    • Opportunity Contact Role
    • Opportunity Account
    • Recurring Donation
  • Fixed issue on Account formulas, where a 0% match could appear in the search results
  • Fixed issue where mapping an alternate email address could trigger matching exceptions

Luminate Online

  • Fixed issue where transactions were missing when retrieving Organization Donations from Luminate Online


  • Fixed issue where some transactions were not returned by the Classy API

Constant Contact

  • Changed behavior for Permission to Send field, so "explicit" isn't overwritten with "implicit"


  • Added Subscription Name and Subscription ID as mappable source fields