Omatic Cloud Updates - October 14, 2020


  • Enabled using an "Any Object" formula when creating your very first integration with Salesforce
  • Added formula type for creating Recurring Donations from Classy Recurring Gift plans, and updated an existing formula to only retrieve payments toward the Recurring Donation, as part of a two-step process
  • Updated Synchronous Matching to compare against all email addresses on a Salesforce record, rather than just what was selected on the Data Mapping screen
  • 1:Many matches will now display all mapped fields on the Contact/Account object, when Synchronous Matching is being used
  • GAU Allocations can now be updated to change the amount/percentage
  • Alphabetized the list of Salesforce Reports in "Offline Donation" formulas' settings
  • Fixed issue where Account names containing apostrophes would trigger a "Bad Request" exception
  • Fixed issue where you could remove required fields from the Data Mapping screen, leading to exceptions when processing data

Blackbaud CRM

  • Added objects for Constituent Appeal and Appeal Response to the BBCRM endpoint to support importing email activity data
  • Fixed an issue where birth date data (DOB) in BBCRM was not being added to or updating in Luminate Online


  • Updated the Wizard to require selecting a Campaign before proceeding
  • Made Interests drop down visible on the MailChimp settings screen upon first visit, rather than requiring the user to return to the screen later
  • Fixed error when sending category interest data to Mailchimp

Constant Contact

  • Updated the Wizard to require selecting a Campaign before proceeding


  • Updated the Email Campaign Activity formula settings to allow you to select either 'all current and future campaigns,' or select a list of specific campaigns to include