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Need help with Dictionary/Regular Expression for donation forms

Hello, newbie here.  When my org went through training last year, our Omatic team member helped us create a dictionary that would push donations from certain forms to an exception file.  Now I find myself wanting to do the opposite.  Process donations from certain forms and have all others in the exception file. Can anyone help me with that?  

For example, I would like donations on LO forms 1701 and 1604 to go into a batch, but would like donations from form  2263 in the exception file. 

Thanks in advance!  

  1. If you ever want to go back to the original layout make a copy of it and edit the new version.
  2. Find the field that contains the LO forms # and make a note of the dictionary being used
  3. Edit the dictionary (again, you may want to make a copy to keep the original as reference) to reverse the Replacement Values and the checkbox "Create Exception (Skip Row)".
  4. If you edited a copy of the original dictionary point the field to the new dictionary.

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The easiest thing to do would to copy the dictionary that was created by your Omatic team member and update it with the different forms. You'll want "Values to Match on" to be 2263 (and any other forms to send to exceptions). On the left you'll want to check the "Create Exceptions Skip Row" checkbox and the value to change it to can be pretty much anything. Details here:

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Forgot to finish my last post...once the dictionary is created, attach it to the mapped field that contains the LO form number

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Thank you both! 

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