ImportOmatic is now available in Blackbaud Azure and COLO Hosting environments!

Version, November 17, 2020

Check out the list of improvements below, or visit the Release Notes section of the ImportOmatic User Guide for more details! 

If you’re using an Omatic Cloud Connector, this update does not require a profile refresh.


  • Fixed issue where "Always match to existing" Membership was selected, but membership processing form popped up even when only one membership existed
  • Fixed issue where Membership processing form sometimes did not display all memberships on a matched constituent record
  • When applying default values from Pledge ID/Recurring Gift ID, values included in the Field Map will take precedence over the default values for the following: Receipt Stack (Canada Only), Receipt, Receipt Date, Receipt Amount, and Receipt Number

Omatic Cloud Connectors

  • When setting date ranges in OCC profiles manually, the seconds value will be set to :00 for the start times and :59 for the end times

As always, please let us know if you have any questions!