New IP addresses for Engaging Networks and Luminate Online Connectors

We are writing to inform you of an upcoming change to two of our Omatic products, the Engaging Networks Connector and the Luminate Online Connector.

For these products, we are changing the proxy URL for both Connectors to allow for deployments in different regions to be configured using different URLs respective to their region (e.g., Canada uses Canadian proxy URLs).

What action needs to be taken by customers?
By January 2, 2021, United States, Canada, and United Kingdom customers using the Engaging Networks and/or the Luminate Online Connectors need to whitelist IP addresses specific to their regions. Omatic will make a change mid-January 2021 to enforce the new proxy URLs; having the region IP address whitelisted will ensure continued service for Engaging Networks and Luminate Online Connectors. Here are the IP addresses to additionally whitelist, by region:

United States:
United Kingdom:

Luminate Online Connector
How to whitelist an IP address:

Engaging Networks Connector
How to whitelist an IP address:

You may also refer to the ImportOmatic User guide for additional information.:

If you have any questions, you can contact our support team at