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Extract part of string

I wanted to extract a portion of the whole string using Regular Expression and use that as a GIft ID during import. But I am not sure what code should I use to extract the number from the following string for example.

Full string on the data file: CD324365T542514785___sds4545-54545-4scxd5

Portion of string I want to extract: The number between 'T' & '___', so in this case the extracted number will be 542514785. 


Can anyone help please.



Is your target string always between a T and an underscore? Or is it  a set position in the text string (i.e. characters 10 through 17?

Hi Barbara, It is always between 'T' & '_'

Can you please tell what RegEx code would extract that info from that string?

Thanks for helping me.


Thank you so much Barbara. It's working perfect! 


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