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Disappearing VB Global code

Has anyone else had the experience of Global Code VB code disappearing from import profiles? We have a number of profiles that we have been running for many years that import data from third party sites and assign gift and constituent codes using custom VB in these Global procedures. 

As of last Wednesday all of our Global Code procedures have disappeared from our our import profiles! 

Did you figure this out yet? Are you hosted by Blackbaud?

Did not figure out why it happened but we were able to recover the Global Procedures from an earlier backup of RE database. We are self hosted and still running RE 7.96.

I made some changes to Global.vb yesterday which worked fine. But a few hours later, the changes had disappeared. I re-added the code a second time being particularly careful to ensure it was saved correctly, and the same thing happened again!

I know it saved properly in the first place because Profile.vb uses the code in Global.vb, and if the code is absent then it results in a script error and won't let you close the script.

I'm going to raise a ticket with support.

I figured the cause of my issue out.

Somehow, I had a hidden ImportOmatic configuration on the screen. I suspect this was because my RE login had previously timed out, then when I logged back in the IoM configuration screen was gone. I then opened a new IoM config screen and made changes. I therefore ended up with two versions of Global.vb – one changed and one unchanged, and the unchanged one overwrote the changed one.

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