Omatic Cloud Updates - December 9, 2020


  • Introducing Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP)! You can now create scheduled file uploads using our new FTP data source.  SFTP is currently supported, with FTPS planned for the near future.  Click here to get started!

  • If both the GAU Allocation Percentage and Amount values are 0 or blank, Omatic Cloud will not attempt to create a new allocation  
  • Fixed issue where Any Object formulas may fail to send data if no Opportunity Contact Role fields are mapped and there is no Omatic external id field on the Contact records 

Blackbaud CRM

  • Added the ability to process Pledges and Pledge Payments going into BBCRM
  • Fixed issue with record matching that triggered the following error: "Custom matching failed: Error on search request" 
  • Fixed issue causing an error when attempting to match an organization name exceeding 50 characters
  • Fixed paging large data sets from BBCRM. Queries without a sort field will now show the appropriate error message.
  • Fixed an issue where a Last name is no longer required if a Lookup ID is provided

Luminate Online

  • Fixed issue where intentionally duplicated Survey questions were being omitted in field mapping


  • Added the ability to archive Emma Contacts. For example, prior to deleting or merging records in your System of Record, you can send them to Emma first to flag the Contact as archived. If your System of Record supports sending information from recently deleted or merged records after they are gone, you can do that too.