Omatic Cloud Updates - December 16, 2020


  • Updated all sites to use synchronous matching where available, alleviating the need to wait on matching database updates and enabling future improvements to record matching

  • Improved processing speed and stability on all Salesforce-integrated formulas

  • Fixed issue when trying to match records using email addresses containing special characters

  • Fixed  issue where a numerical type id could not be used for ID matching with synchronous matching

Blackbaud CRM

  • Improved Event Guest Registration records linking between registrants and their guests by adding new field: Guest of Registrant Lookup ID 
  • Added the ability to apply Payments to Event Registrants and their Guests

Luminate Online

  • Improved data retrieval performance by limiting retries when certain exceptions occur


  • Improved the error message that appears when a required field is missing

Constant Contact

  • Fixed issue where Summary Fields did not display correctly
  • Updated to use the Matched ID instead of Record ID for more accurate matching