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Mailchimp ID Assigned to Wrong RE Constituent: Options?


During a Subscribers import from Mailchimp to RE, a few MC records were matched to the wrong RE constituents.  I know at least one record in RE that is matched incorrectly.  

There are a couple options I am aware of to handle this problem and I would appreciate your feedback on which you think are the best, and/or if there are others I have not considered.  These are the options I think I have:

 - Delete all subscriber data in RE from that list and re-import from scratch

 - Export Mailchimp List data from Mailchimp and export RE Mailchimp data and use VLOOKUP to compare the lists (unsure if this is possible)


As mentioned above, I don't know that the second option is possible.  It seems I'll have to redo it, which is fine, I'd rather have it right than not.  Any help is appreciated!  

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