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Regular Expressions and Values for Raiser's Edge ID numbers

I need to set up a dictionary that will be used to identify Raiser's Edge tribute constituent numbers.

How do I write the Regular Expression and Value for this dictionary? The numbers can be in the form NNN-A, NNNN-A, NNNNN-A, NNNNNN-A or NNNNNN where N=a number from 1-zero (zero is never at the beginning).

Thank you in advance.

What is your incoming data to which you applying the dictionary?

Thank you Barbara.

I'm looking to apply this to donations that have come to us via online giving sites. We will have a third pass for tributing. Pass 1 applies gifts to donors, Pass 2 applies gifts to fundraisers and the new Pass 3 will apply tributes to the gifts.

My initial thinking was to use tribute names and I had guidance on using skip row dictionaries. however, I later felt that names are not sufficiently unique, yet the Raiser's Edge ID numbers are unique. Therefore, it makes far more sense to use these to ensure that the correct tribute is applied in each case.

Problem solved with \d|[1-9]\d{5}

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