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Add option to match inactive Altru records

Due to how our Altru database was populated from Raiser's Edge, we have a lot of Inactive constituent records. When someone signs up for a program or membership and they have an existing inactive record, we set it back to active, but sometimes our Omatic formulas run before we get to that step. Then the formula doesn't find a match when indeed one actually exists. Therefore, the option to set formulas to match on inactive Altru records would be a welcome addition.

Hi Bill, 

This is an interesting idea! Would you want to set this option at the formula level or would a single setting for all your Altru formulas suffice? 



A global setting would be fine, I can't think of a reason to have a formula not match inactive records.


Thanks Bill! We agree this would be a beneficial update and we plan to update the connector. 


Kristen Gajdica

Product Manager

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