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Discard/Ignore Records Below Certain Threshold

It would be really nice if we could ignore records below a certain threshold in both the 1:1 and 1:N matching and in all instances. The current feature in 1:N seems like a great idea, but it doesn't work. It will only ignore records below a certain threshold if there are records that are higher than that.

For example, my threshold is set to 72% on one of my formulas. It doesn't work on 1:1, only 1:N. And it only works on 1:N when there is an 87% match that pulls in at the exact same time. Otherwise, all of the 71% or 50% or whatever matches come through as they are the "highest" and so the system ignores my request to ignore those.

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Hi Breanne,

You're right- the score threshold can only narrow down a long list of potential matches to a record right now.  While we may go a different direction than the score slider you see on 1:N settings, we do have some improvements to matching and triage control planned that will help reduce the need to manually review weak 1:1 matches.  These will be released throughout the rest of the year, and we'll make sure to update both the Release Notes forum and the status of this idea too.

Thank you,

Amanda Tetanich

Senior Product Manager | Omatic Software


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