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Add Fields to TeamRaiser donations Formula

Request to add: Please add the fields below to the 7_LO to BBCRM_TeamRaiser Donations formula, specifically in the designation area (Formula type=Luminate TeamRaiser Donations to BBCRM Constituent/Revenue) It is currently in the other TeamRaiser formulas, but these won’t work for TeamRaiser donations:

a. Participant - Fund Designation 

bParticipant - DIY Fund Designation

Thank you for your submission Melissa! We'll discuss with the product team and email you with an update. 

Hi Melisa,


I just picked this topic back up with the development team and it appears the ‘Participant – Fund Designation’ and ‘Participant – DIY Designation’ values are custom to the TeamRaiser Registrations in your Luminate Online instance. We believe you should be able to get those TeamRaiser field options to show in whichever TeamRaiser formula you choose by adding those values to gifts since those field options are automatically pulled in when Omatic Cloud requests the data from Luminate Online.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Chanel! Just seeing your reply. I'll let Ashley know :)

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