Omatic Cloud Updates - March 17, 2021

Data Grids

  • The ‘View’ link on the Data Differences screen will be hidden when no record link is available


  • When using "Current date" in field mapping, the date value will now reflect your computer's date and time settings instead of UTC


  • Added reprocess button on Needs Attention screens, allowing you to retry the matching after changes may have been made in Altru
  • Fixed "Object Reference" error when solicit code comment was not provided


  • Fixed an issue where Object Reference exceptions were displayed, even though the data successfully made it to the destination
  • Enhanced Opportunity Contact Role mapping:
  • Enabled defining an additional Opportunity Contact Role for the Primary Contact, such as "Event Registrant"*
    *NPSP automatically creates a role for Donor 
  • Updated the Opportunity Contact lookup to search for a matching id in any Contact field


  • Added ability to manually enter ids in large list filtering instead of selecting from a list


  • Added 'Registration' to the list of available campaign types coming from Classy 

Engaging Networks

  • Added ability to specify custom URL for Engaging Networks instance when configuring the data source