Omatic Cloud Connector update planned Wednesday, April 14th

This update is planned for deployment on Wednesday, April 14th between 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM EST. We will communicate with another post when this update is complete. 

With this update, the Luminate Team Raiser Gifts Profile, all Classy Profiles, and both Wealth Engine Profiles will need a profile refresh. If using Omatic Cloud Connectors, this profile will automatically be refreshed.  


  • Added Org Name and Org Address to the Team Raiser Gifts profile
  • Fixed issue where Group setting was retained in memory from one profile to another for Group Sync


  • Added new optional questions for Pronouns to all profile types
  • Resolved an issue where not all of the optional fields in Classy were populating correctly.


  • Added ability to map Address States within the Basic Profile - Retrieve Screening Results
  • Added ability to map Actual Value fields for Total Stock, Total Real Estate Value and Gift Capacity within the Full Profile - Retrieve Screening Results