Omatic Cloud Updates - April 14, 2021

Record Processing

  • Fixed issue when searching for matches with special characters in the name


  • Added new Formula type: Import TeamRaiser Donations to Accounts.  When using this new formula, select the "Org gifts only" option on the Luminate Online Source settings in your formula.  To learn more, review this solution in our knowledge base.
  • Added new Formula type: Salesforce Campaign Members to Luminate Constituents.  This formula allows you to use a Salesforce Campaign to isolate which records are sent to Salesforce.  
  • Coming soon: the ability to use a Salesforce Report to send Constituents to Luminate, without offline donations

Luminate Online

  • Added ability to filter between individual and organization gifts in Team Raiser Donations formulas.  To learn more, review this solution in our knowledge base.
  • Added Org Name and Org Address as mappable fields in the Team Raiser Donations formulas

Constant Contact

  • Resolved a deserialization error that could appear when trying to retrieve records from Constant Contact


  • Added multiple data fields across both Results formulas:
    Basic Profile - Retrieve Screening Results: Address State
    Full Profile - Retrieve Screening Results: Actual Value fields for Total Stock, Total Real Estate Value and Gift Capacity