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Summary Fields grid update


Can a 'pop- up' message be generated when you press "delete" button in the actions tab of the data queue grid as sometimes, it can be pressed unintentionally and the pop up would help back out of those situations.




Hi Melisa, 

Thanks for adding this feedback!  We are planning some updates in these data grids that may help with this problem, and we'd like to learn more about how you're working through the matched records.  Would you be open to participating in future discovery calls with our Products team to help us design the best solution?

For others - please comment or like this idea if you're also experiencing challenges around acting on records in the data grids!  

Thank you,

Amanda Tetanich

Senior Product Manager | Omatic Software


You're welcome Amanda! The team may be open to it. 

Thanks so much,


Hi Melisa, 

I'd like to ask a couple of questions around your request for a delete confirmation message. 

1) Is this something you'd like to see:

  •  As an organization configuration for all formulas
  • On a formula level
  • Or by queue in the Needs Attention area (for instance: New records, 1:1, 1:Many, etc)
2) Are there situations where a delete confirmation message might be overkill? 



Hi Chanel, 

I think we would want it available in all queues. 



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