Omatic Cloud Connector Update Completed

This Wednesday's update is complete.  

With this update, the Mailchimp, WealthEngine, and Encompass profiles will need a profile refresh. If using Omatic Cloud Connectors, this profile will automatically be refreshed.   

Classy - 

  • Updated "CC Last Four" field to include the credit card data

Mailchimp - Requires Profile Refresh

  • Added the ability to include sub-campaign data within Email Activity profiles

WealthEngine - Requires Profile Refresh

  • Address Line 1, City and State fields are now required when exporting data to WealthEngine in order to provide improved match results
  • Fixed an issue to ensure Use Sandbox uses the correct WealthEngine instance

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Fixed a destination error in export profiles when updating multiple Lists for Contacts

Encompass  - Requires Profile Refresh 

  • Added a new field to Connection Settings to specify the Constituent ID field being used, in the event the field name is customized within Encompass


  • Resolved an issue where updates to records wouldn't complete processing

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.