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Do not create a child object if the value is blank

When creating an Address, Attribute or Note, there are some fields which sometimes need to be defined such as Address Type, Preferred, Attribute Category, and Note Type. This causes these related records to be created as blank records with only the defined values. It would be helpful if these could function similarly to the Email and Phone related records, where if the value is blank, even if the type is defined, the record is not created.

Hi Lara,

Thanks for sending this idea in! We could add logic that ignores the incoming note, if Note Type is defined and is the only populated field. That's a great idea! Currently we do not create addresses if there is a blank value in Address Lines, City, State, Zip and Country. However, if any of those fields have values in them, the address will get created. Attributes are a bit trickier. We currently do not ignore blank attributes, because there is a possibility that you might intentionally map an Attribute Category without intending to bring in a value. This has me thinking that a feature to select fields that you would like to be required in order for the child object to be created might be a more flexible way of accomplishing this. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on that!


Kristen Gajdica

Product Manager

I think that sounds like a great idea for accomplishing this around the child objects, and would resolve the issue. We have the issue with Dates for Notes and Note Type being defined values, as we are not currently able to create effective transformation on those fields, i.e. blank if this field is blank, and current date or another value if not blank.

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