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Append an import to Membership Comment (Raiser's Edge)

We're importing gifts from donations through Luminate Online donation forms. We would like a convenient place to store the information that tells us what gifts they'll receive with their donation level and our idea was to store it in the comment field of their Membership. Is it possible to append this data into there?

For example: If we pulled a shirt size and a hat size from the import in our fields, can we map both of them to the comment of their membership and not override one another?

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I would import them into the membership/gift benefits instead of a comment field. 

If you map multiple fields to the comment they will override. If you are self-hosted, you could use API to concatenate the fields. But, I wouldn't use the comment fields since it's more difficult to query on. By using benefits, or even gift attributes, you could easily pull a list of everyone that needs a hat.

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