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Setting Importomatic Profile Paths to SharePoint Online folders

I'm working in a team now and there are multiple people using importomatic to import data. We're in a fully hosted environment, no on premise infrastructure, so RE is hosted and our files are stored on SharePoint Online. How can we setup profile and default paths to folder locations on SharePoint? We can synch SharePoint onto our clients, but if we do that then the path in importomatic includes \\Client\C$\Users\username1\ and it's then an invalid path when other users use the profile. We've tried to get round the problem by mapping a network drive (!) in Windows to the SharePoint location (discouraged by Microsoft) but its not very good, fails a lot and there's loads with delays in synching. Any ideas would be great.

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We are fully hosted as well by Blackbaud. We had a similar issue when everything shut down due to COVID-19. Within Citrix there is a files folder that everyone who has access to the database can save files to temporarily---new file path \\Bbhfs01\#####$\Import-Omatic\Exceptions. So I redirected the files to save to that folder and monthly I just go in and move the files to our shared drive folders. I’ve been keeping a running list of all the templates that I have redirected to this folder to change once we return back to the office full time. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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