Omatic Cloud Updates - June 9, 2021

Data Grids

  • Updated Summary Cells to include Concatenated and Defined field values


  • Match reasons are now displayed in Altru synchronous matching
  • Altru synchronous matching now respects selections made on the Matching screen in the wizard.  Previously, the matching included all relevant fields that were mapped, with "OR" as the operator between them.  For example: ID or Email or Name.


  • Made performance improvements to make sending data to Salesforce faster
  • Fixed issue where you could not add or remove objects after promoting an "Any Object" formula
  • You can now opt out of combining households within the Relationship object to prevent creating isolated Accounts


  • Fixed issue with campaign selection where campaigns were not being made available for selection. – May require profile refresh.

Mobile Commons

  • We’ve released 2 new formula types for Mobile Commons:
    • Mobile Commons Incoming Messages to Salesforce Contacts – This formula retrieves incoming messages for all campaigns, or a selection of specific campaigns. These messages include the associated profile information as well.
    • Mobile Commons Campaign Subscribers to Salesforce Contacts – This formula retrieves subscribers that are associated to any selected campaign(s) or all campaigns. This will include their opt-in and opt-out status on their subscription.


  • Fixed an issue where filtering options were retained when editing other profiles


  • Fixed an issue with matching fields related to null field values


  • Fixed issues related to incoming data formatting from Swoogo