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TeamRaiser Recurring Gifts

In Luminate Online, you have the option to allow sustainer gifts on TeamRaiser pages. The TeamRaiser formula (Luminate TeamRaiser Donations to BBCRM Constituent Revenue) cannot currently segment sustaining gift commitments for processing into CRM. Therefore, translations need to be made in order to apply recurring gift commitments only and NOT donations when fulfilling such business need. This becomes confusing because users must navigate through several gifts in queue, many of which are not sustainers. This idea is to build a formula type or functionality to accommodate the same functionality as the Luminate Sustainers to BBCRM Constituent/Revenue formula, but for TeamRaisers.


We recently added a new formula type for Luminate Online TeamRaiser Sustainer gifts!

Hi Melisa,

Just to confirm, if you had a formula for TeamRaiser Sustainers, that brought in the Original Recurring Gift Schedule, would that resolve what you are looking for? The subsequent payments for those recurring gifts and the one time gifts would still come through the TeamRaiser Donations formula (which is how the existing Luminate Sustainers and Luminate Donation formulas are set up).


Kristen Gajdica

Hi Kristen,

Yes, that's exactly what we want to bring in the TR sustainers. 



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