Omatic Cloud Updates - June 23, 2021

Formula Configuration

  • Updated the Telephone Format options in Clean Up menu:
    • Renamed "Numbers Only" to "Remove Formatting"
    • Added "Remove Formatting & Country Code 1"


Blackbaud CRM 

  • Added the ability to target a specific individual record or override a match in the New, 1:1, and 1:Many Needs Attention queues with a new ‘Override’ action button. 

Tip: When you select the ‘Override’ action, a window will appear.  Just enter the URL to an individual’s record in BBCRM and Omatic Cloud will update it with the source data.  If there are Data Differences to resolve, they will appear on screen as normal.    

  • Updated the Constituent Revenue endpoint to include the ability to map/define "Account System," which will allow users to map transactions into different GL account systems
  • Fixed an issue where the same data difference would display multiple times when matching a record

Raiser's Edge NXT

  • Added SFTP and FTPS as a data source for RENXT
  • Ensured exceptions don't occur if one of the values in Database View or Web View are provided for following fields: Gift Type, Post Status, Receipt Status, Acknowledgement Status, Payment Method
  • Updated the Constituent search method for more precise matching
  • Fixed object reference exception when matching on existing objects that have null fuzzy date values
  • Fixed "The provided id did not match any records" exception when importing invalid rating source, to clearly state that there was an invalid rating source
  • Reformatted the Participant fields naming convention

Luminate Online

  • Fixed issue where Luminate record wasn't opening from the quick link in match results, when using the Team Raiser Donation formula
  • Fixed an issue where email was not detected as a match reason


  • Added the Members formula type, allowing you to sync Emma Contact data with the system of record
  • Resolved an issue with Unsubscribers formulas when there are no available subscriptions in Emma
  • Resolved an issue preventing some Emma Campaigns from appearing as filters in formula settings


  • Resolved an issue where Encompass Subscription Management selections are cleared after updates
  • Resolved an issue preventing events from appearing within the Encompass Event Registrations profile

Mobile Commons

  • Resolved an issue where Company Code specified prevents field mapping
  • Resolved an issue causing formulas to time out
  • Resolved an issue where Campaign IDs sent to Mobile Commons were returned as invalid
  • Resolved an issue where the "Source" field was not being returned
  • Resolved an issue preventing the complete set of requested data from being returned


  • Added two new formula types, allowing you to send Salesforce Contact data using Salesforce Campaigns or Reports
  • Modified the Registrants formula type to allow selection of multiple events in the same formula