Omatic Cloud Updates - July 7, 2021


  • Added new options for child object matching to add, update, or ignore incoming values depending on if the child object is matched


  • Added the ability to target a specific individual record or override a match in the New, 1:1, and 1:Many Needs Attention queues with a new ‘Override’ action button.
    Tip: When you select the ‘Override’ action, a window will appear.  Just enter the URL to a Contact or Account record in Salesforce, and Omatic Cloud will update it with the source data.  If there are Data Differences to resolve, they will appear on screen as normal.    
  • Added Partial Name and Partial Address match codes, for clarity on flexible values and multi-field searches.  For example: "Jo Walters" vs "Joanna Walters" will now display as a Partial Name match. 
  • In Any Object formulas, including the correct Salesforce ID in a child object's matching rules will allow you to bypass the previous requirement that the object already be linked to the Contact you are adding or updating.
  • Improved exception messages for clarity
  • Resolved a few issues with matching and triage settings:
    • Deleting some match criteria would trigger other selections to go blank
    • Changes to match criteria appeared to not save, even though they were
    • Using Auto-pick on exact field matches would prevent Related Record matches from appearing for review


  • Added Country as a mappable field in the Constituent/Phone object of formulas

  • Dollar sign characters in Source data will be automatically removed when sending to the Constituent/Revenue endpoint, to reduce formatting exceptions

Luminate Online

  • Updated the Luminate Online Import TeamRaiser Registrations to Salesforce Contacts formula to send to any object in Salesforce, enabling mapping Opportunity Contact Roles and other objects


  • Enabled the Contacts formula, allowing you to sync Emma Contact records with your system of record
  • Added Status as a mappable field from Emma Contact records
  • Resolved an issue preventing some email activity records from appearing within record processing
  • Resolved an issue with Unsubscribers formulas when there are no available subscriptions in Emma
  • Resolved an issue preventing some Emma Campaigns from appearing as filters in formula settings


  • Enabled Encompass Connector for Salesforce in Omatic Cloud! You can now sync Encompass Members, Email Activity, Transactions and Event Registrations to Salesforce, and Salesforce Contacts to Encompass.
  • Resolved an issue with Encompass records not matching when processing records
  • Resolved an issue where Encompass Subscription Management selections are cleared after updates
  • Resolved an issue preventing events from appearing within the Encompass Event Registrations profile

Mobile Commons

  • Resolved an issue where Company Code specified prevents field mapping
  • Resolved an issue causing formulas to time out
  • Resolved an issue where Campaign IDs sent to Mobile Commons were returned as invalid
  • Resolved an issue where the "Source" field was not being returned
  • Resolved an issue preventing the complete set of requested data from being returned


  • Added two new formula types for sending Salesforce data to Swoogo:
    • Salesforce Campaigns to Swoogo Registrants
    • Salesforce Reports to Swoogo Registrants
  • Updated the Registrants formula type to allow selection of multiple events in the same formula