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Settings to manage SF use of API calls...

there may be situations (testing) or initial synching where records in a source system or in Salesforce itself may trigger lots of records to synch. when running continuously, this has the potential to consumer a LOT of API calls where no one would notice. maxing out API calls in SF may cause other business critical functions to fail.

so is there a way to tell omatic cloud what the limit of API calls is or set some threshold for omatic cloud to keep track of and not exceed in a 24 hour period. suggest allowing a few settings:

* threshold

* period (per 24 hrs or per month)

* maybe a warning level too or an 'action to take' setting where the choices are warn or stop synching til the threshold passes.

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Hi Jeff,

This is an interesting challenge for data sources that are high volume, such as email marketing and SMS engagement systems.  You're correct that we make API calls both during the retrieval of new data (so that we can do a matching record search in Salesforce) and when sending the data (so we can write to the records).  You can control the former's impact by either manually running on-demand or scheduling retrievals for the end of the day, after other critical processes have successfully completed.  However, restricting the latter (send process) is currently limited to on-demand sends, which may require logging in at inconvenient times.  One of the ideas we're exploring is to add a way for you to schedule sends, like you can schedule retrievals.  This would allow you to prioritize critical processes consistently throughout the entire integration.  Do you think that would help with the overall problem you're describing above?

Thank you,

Amanda Tetanich

Senior Product Manager | Omatic Software


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