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Matching and Scoring Logic

When triaging records with 1:N (many) matches, it would be nice if there would be a way to implement different tools to facilitate auto matching...

* use fields for matching that are NOT mapped

-- match on a custom field in the destination system that is NOT even in the source system...

* use fields for triage (scoring) that are NOT mapped for data synch... - might want to apply a score on an updated date field but this field is not mapped.

* scoring rules - there are other salesforce deduping tools that provide the ability to assign points for each type of match.

* match types

-- points for oldest record vs newest

-- points for a field = to or greater than or contains or starts with...

* auto match on score? -- auto select a winner based on highest or lowest score... can choose if you auto accept the scored winner or you just default to a winner in the comparison grid

* manual review - which fields to show to help determine which record is a best fit

-- allow the user to select which helper fields to show in the comparison screens

happy to walk through how other systems do this...

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Hi Jeff,

Thank you for feedback regarding record matching and automated routing/review!  We have some improvements on the way that will allow you more control over how we search for matches, rank them, and expedite the review process.  Many of the underlying issues identified above will be addressed with these updates, though maybe through a slightly different solution than what you envisioned.  As we work through those ideas, we'll be seeking direct feedback from users--would you be interested in participating in a discovery session with our team?  

Thank you,

Amanda Tetanich

Senior Product Manager | Omatic Software


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