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Support for refunds from Luminate to BBCRM

Omatic Support confirmed that refunds are not supported in any way currently (including flat files) by Omatic Cloud for Luminate to BBCRM. Since handling refunds and adjustments is such a standard revenue workflow, having support added for it would be most helpful.

Hi Dwight, 

Thank you for submitting your idea for Omatic Cloud! To help us better understand the impact of not being able to process Luminate refunds through Omatic Cloud, can you tell us:

  • How often do you or your team process refunds? Daily, weekly, monthly, etc...
  • How are  refunds currently handled from Luminate to BBCRM?
  • How much time is spent preparing/processing the refunds? 

Although we don't currently have refunds as part of our current product roadmap, we continually evaluate what ideas are submitted to the forum, the overall impact, and number of votes received. We love getting these ideas from our users!



Chanel Floyd

Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

Hi Chanel,

Following up on this idea bank. This is no longer a business need for us. 



Thank you Melisa. Did you all decide to continue to handle refunds manually in Luminate?

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