Omatic Cloud Updates - August 4, 2021

Data Grids

  • Fixed an issue where Match Override could send the wrong record's data to the destination, if used before applying Data Difference changes to the next record  


  • Fixed issue where the wrong appeal could be matched and updated when updating multiple appeals
  • Fixed issue where a "Specified attribute category" exception was thrown when all incoming values for an attribute were blank


  • Fixed an issue where the selected ID was not properly being used in matching criteria
  • Updated the Report Source to only allow Daily or Weekly scheduling, to help prevent duplicate data retrievals

Blackbaud CRM

  • Updated the BBCRM Constituent/Revenue endpoint: 
    • Added the ability to process a constituent's social media account information
    • Added the ability to add one or more Sites to constituent interactions
  • Resolved an exception when populating Ratings Attributes with Code Table values

Constant Contact

  • Fixed an issue where users were not provided an error message when attempting to modify unsubscribed records in Constant Contact; we now surface the error message, as these records cannot be modified.


  • Fixed issue where specific types of activity were causing incomplete Email Activity results.