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Ability to spot differences in email

When I want to match a record from the document I've attached to Raiser's Edge by way of OMATIC, it would be great if there could be functionality that allows me to choose which email address I want to be on RE.

For example, when I am matching Beth Paul (from my document) to Elizabeth Paul (how she's listed in RE), I am given the option to select whether I went to import the name "Beth" or stick with the name as listed on RE "Elizabeth". This is great.

Would this be possible with email addresses? For example, on my document Beth listed her email as bpaul@email.og, but her email is spelled correctly on her RE: I'd love to be able to match the records, while still being able to select whether or not I want to input an email address or not.

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Hi Maria,

This is a great idea. We are looking into ways to resolve this. Are there any other fields that you would like to see data differences on, but are currently unable to do so?



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