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Using IOM to Compare Lists

Hi I am a somewhat new user to ImportOMatic   I am hoping that I can find some solution to what I need to get done.

I have a pretty robust list of our Volunteers that I need to run against our donors in the database.   We want to identify volunteers as donors and code them appropriately.

I am not doing an IMPORT of this Volunteer list, I want to see if I can compare our donors to the volunteer list...

Is there a solution to this using ImportOmatic?

I'm sure I'm over-simplifying, but can you check the box that says "Do not add new constituents if they do not match an existing record" and let the non-matches error out?  Are you planning to make an update in Raiser's Edge or in an external database?  

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I actually not even sure where to start....Do I create a new import profile?

Hi Lauren,

What I have done in the past is actually create an import profile with virtual fields to add a Constituent Attribute for volunteer, I use the Description to show the location or department they volunteer.

We import all volunteers because we use that info for acquisition or stewardship.

You can use the "Do not add new," if you only want existing donors to get the Attribute.

Then you can run a Query and Report on records with the volunteer Attribute.

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You do need to create a new import profile, yes.  And yes, click that button to not add new people. But what coding are you going to do?  If it finds a match, you can set up your profile to add the coding you want so that you don't have to go back and do it later. So if it finds a match, it will add whatever attribute or constituent code or solicit code you're thinking of, and if it doesn't, it will except out and not do anything at all.

Be sure to check the box under Queries to create a query of modified constituents (shouldn't be any new ones, since you're not adding, but check that box too to make sure you can find them if you mess up).  And FOR SURE, when you're doing this, start with just two rows as a test.  One person who isn't in your database and one person who is, and see if it's behaving the way you want it to. That way you can delete any coding that isn't what you want. 

I would say that nothing is simple with Omatic, and that's why it's so great.  It's very robust and can do so many things, including this. It's worth the effort to set up your profile. Especially if this is a list you're going to get on a regular basis. 

But I think this solution more directly answers what you're asking. Number 5 on their lists says optional, but that would be the important part for you, I think. Check it out!

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