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Allow records causing exceptions to be edited before resending to destination

Occasionally a record will be rejected by the destination app because the data violates some data formatting rule in that app. The main example in my setup is my Mailchimp lists do not allow non-US Zip codes, so when Omatic tries to create or update a subscriber whose Altru Zip is from a different country, it throws an exception. The only way to get the subscriber into Mailchimp is to either add them manually or temporarily remove the Zip from Altru and force the record to go through the Omatic formula again.

It would save a lot of time if records already in the Omatic formula could be edited so I could simply remove the 'unacceptable' data there and then resend the record(s) to the destination.

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Hi Bill, 

Thank you for your request and providing an example of where in-line editing/override functionality would be useful. Can you tell me how those non-US records coming from Altru are stored in Mailchimp? What would you add manually in that situation? 

We appreciate your feedback!

Chanel Floyd

Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

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