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Add ability to append custom text to incoming field

When creating a new formula, it is our practice to first build the formula connected to staging sites before pushing to a production environment. It is common for data in staging environments to be slightly altered. One example of this is that user email addresses are prepended with a short string of characters in-order to invalidate the email. This makes it impossible to match on email when using the omatic connector. 

I would like to request that the ability to append/prepend a small string to the value in the transformation section or perhaps in the concatenation section.

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Do you have other scenarios where the append/prepend would be helpful? 

One way to accomplish invalidating emails with the current clean-up tool would be to use the 'Remove specific characters' option and take out the '.com' string of text from the emails.

Thank you for your feedback!

Chanel Floyd

Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

 At this time, I haven't run across anything I can think of off hand. However, the issue has more to do with matching than it does invalidating emails. Since all of the emails in our test system have this prepended text, it shows as different. Currently we are unable to ignore this field, so being able to prepend a static text to the field would be helpful.

Thank you for the additional information!

I do have an example for this idea.

The outside system has it's own ID. BBCRM doesn't allow for duplicate Lookup IDs. To get around this we prepend a bit of text to the outside systems ID.  An example would be, the outside system has an ID 11223344, we open OUTSYS11223344.  

This would be primarily used in the Alternate ID section, but we do have a few other places we would  use it if the functionality was available

Good news! In tomorrow's release, we will be including a feature update that enables you to concatenate a mapped field with a defined value or a current date.


Kristen Gajdica

Product Manager

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