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Add option to skip New User Creation

 In certain cases, there are reasons that if no user is matched it would be more applicable to skip that user rather than have new users created.

It would be nice to add the option to automatically skip/ignore New Users. Currently they do go into a new user bucket, but we have to manually go in and repeatedly empty the bucket.

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Hi Michael,

This is something we're hoping to offer a better workflow for in the future.  Is there ever a time when you are interested in viewing the list before they get deleted, or you do want to send a couple of those New records over?  


Amanda Tetanich

Senior Product Manager | Omatic Software


There may be a case in the future that we would want to create new records. However, in this specific case, we do not want this automatic process to create new users in our CRM environment. 

An ideal scenario would be if a toggle could be added to the Triage section of a formula that would allow us to have New Users either be ignored or sent to the New User Bucket. It would be similar to the "Ready Records" option that currently exists where Records either get automatically sent through or held in the Ready bucket. Users could then turn this on and off as needed.

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