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Allow matching on non-Email type

 When using the matching section, in addition to ID matching, you can match based on a combination of Name and Email. However there are a few cases where matching by Email is not a viable solution, such as: staging environment emails have been changed, or family members who often share the same email address.

Currently if an email address is not being passed through, you are unable to match by anything other than IDs, this creates a multitude of unnecessary 1:Many matches. There is not an option to edit the email address (I have another idea for this) or to just simply ignore the email and still be able to use the match on Name or Email.

It would be nice to update the matching criteria to be more like the ID section, where we can choose 1 or more sets specific fields from the source and destination we want to match. Attached is a screenshot of the matching section to clarify which area i am speaking of.

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Hi Michael, 

We appreciate your submission and wanted you to know that we have more flexibility in matching coming to the BBCRM endpoint. We anticipate a change in early 2022. We'll keep you updated once we have a release date. 

Thank you!

Chanel Floyd 

Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

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