Omatic Cloud Updates - October 27, 2021


  • Added ability to import Recurring Gifts and link Recurring Gifts Payments to existing recurring gifts with the System Record ID 
  • Added Campaign, Fund, and Appeal descriptions for First, Latest, and Greatest gifts in gift summary fields for Constituent Source
  • Fixed issue where Gift ID was required for Participant Fee Payments even when importing the gift
  • Fixed issue where Alias matching only looked at the first Alias if multiple were mapped

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • We now sort List and Data Extension Key lists within Additional Settings alphabetically

Omatic Post to General Ledger

  • Resolved multiple issues when PreProcessing was enabled, including:
    •  Example data would not appear if the configuration contained an error
    •  Fields were not appearing in the mapping when configuring file output
    •  PreProcessing configuration was not being saved when specific scenarios were encountered