Omatic Cloud Updates - November 17, 2021


  • Added the ability to filter and return constituent codes from RENXT
  • Moved linked gift ID field into the main gift, since there can only be one linked recurring gift
  • Fixed issue where Auto-Pick wasn't working when multiple matches were found based on email
  • Fixed issue where an invalid phone number in RENXT would cause an exception


  • Fixed issue where the data difference review screen was suppressed when using Match Override in Salesforce


  • Resolved issue preventing Sent email activity from being retrieved from Mailchimp

Engaging Networks

  • Resolved issue causing the same data set to be retrieved multiple times when running a formula continuously
  • Resolved timeout issue when resetting API connection


  • Added the ability to filter out test emails from Emma Campaign Email Activity
  • Added the ability to match existing records by Emma Member ID
  • Resolved an issue with some matching fields triggering the exception: "Error in platform: Value cannot be Null. (parameter source)"


  • Added the ability to map to Commerce Identifier fields within transaction-based formulas