Omatic Cloud Updates - December 8, 2021


  • Added the ability to target a specific individual record or override a match in the New, 1:1, and 1:Many Needs Attention queues with a new ‘Override’ action button.
    Tip: When you select the ‘Override’ action, a window will appear. Just enter the URL to a Constituent record in RENXT, and Omatic Cloud will update it with the source data.  If there are Data Differences to resolve, they will appear on screen as normal.
  • Fixed issue where fundraiser assignment was always added as new regardless of any matches
  • Fixed issue where required fields on additional child objects were different from each other
  • Added exception message when attempting to add a participant host and multiple matches are found
  • Fixed issue where example records were not returning for Action and Gift endpoints

Blackbaud CRM

  • When using BBCRM Constituent/Revenue formulas, the "Add new" action button will now be enabled in the 1:1 and 1:Many Needs Attention buckets, regardless of a match. 
  • The BBCRM Constituent/Revenue formula type has been expanded to handle the following Education fields:
    • Honors awarded
    • Date (attended) to
    • Date (attended) from
    • New area for Education Involvements


  • Enabled an Additional Setting within Transactions formulas to Include Ticketed Event Details. Note: to include Ticketed Event Details, you must limit your formula to a single event.
  • Added dedication fields to the Recurring Donation Plan and Transaction Profile Types
  • Added additional designation fields to the Recurring Donation Plan Profile Type


  • Fixed issue in Calendar Event Attendee profile types where the answers to some survey questions were not being populated if there were over 200 survey responses
  • Fixed issue where transaction information external date fields were unable to be sent to Luminate Online


  • Resolved an issue preventing the Abuse Email Activity type from appearing in results


  • Added a new formula type to allow mapping Event Registrations to Salesforce Account records


  • Resolved an issue preventing mapped Subscription Name and Subscription ID from appearing in the system of record