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Enhanced override button functionality

Whenever the override button is utilized to match to an existing CRM record, Omatic does not provide the opportunity to select data that may differ between the LO record and CRM record before confirming the match (as is the case when utilizing "match" button).  Is this something that can be addressed in the future?



Hi Melisa, 

I love that idea! We will be doing some match override work in coming months (like, adding the ability to match override on the Exceptions screen) and will evalute the possibility of highlighting data differences and allowing the user to select which data to keep.

Thank you!


Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

Hi Chanel,

We wanted to add context to this idea bank. Currently, source data overrides destination data when you using the match override; which trigger the need to update records manually outside of the Omatic Cloud so being able to see the data differences for match overrides to pick whether to keep destination data or use source data would be great. 

Thanks so much,


Thank you for that additional information, I'll be sure to add it to the notes in the work item!

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