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Ability to add financial account info to recurring gifts

We currently do not have the ability to add financial information for recurring gifts.

We have a file with a mixture of Credit Card and EFT recurring gifts and we are unable to populate EFT information in therecurring gift. We would also like the ability to add new financial relationships if they don’t exist on the record also

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Just to clarify, I need it for BBCRM.

Thank you for your request, Angela! 

Can you tell me how you are entering the financial information for recurring gifts currently? Is it a manual process? 

In regards to the request to add new financial relationships if they don't exist...are you looking to add recognition credits on a payment, organizational relationships, or another kind of relationship? Can you tell me how that looks today in BBCRM and how you hope to map the financial relationship in Omatic Cloud? 


Chanel Floyd

Product Manager

Hi Chanel,

We are currently entering the financial info for recurring gifts manually. When it comes to the financial relationships we want to be able to add financial account rather than the financial relationship, when adding new recurring gifts.



Hi Angela,

Thank you for your additional information. I'll discuss with the team what it would take to expand the financial account information in the BBCRM endpoint. 



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