Omatic Cloud Updates - January 19, 2021

Omatic Cloud

  • Fixed an issue where edits within a formula weren't being saved if the user navigated 'Back' prior to saving the changes

Engaging Networks

  • Fixed an issue potentially causing duplicate transactions to appear in results
  • Corrected a misspelling within transaction code selection during formula creation


  • Reinstated the Salesforce Contacts to Luminate Online Constituents formula type for the ability to retrieve all recently added/updated Contacts from Salesforce, without filtering

Omatic Post to General Ledger

  • Updated Array Mapping and Array Index functions to append data instead of overwriting an entire field's value.  This allows for appending multiple one-to-many values such as attributes and benefits in a single field's value.
  • Updated Substring function to return a blank value when the portion of the original string does not exist instead of generating a "Failed to execute logic" exception (e.g. attempting to return characters in position 10 through 12 of a string when a string only contains 5 characters).
  • Update HTML report to not show the first data row in an output file as a header row (bolded cell with a different backcolor) if a header row should not exist in the file.
  • Resolved issue where using the Contains operator in an If/Then or True/False function did not match when the casing was different from a field's value and the value to search for and the function was set to match with case-insensitivity.
  • Resolved issue where a formula could not be edited when clicking next on the sample data page or attempting to click back on the publish page.


  • Added ability to create and update vendors and invoices from a flat file